Join me in this mission to help empower families

to take control of their finances. We all deserve to live the life of our dreams.

It is attainable and closer than we realize. 

I used to hope for a better life - a life with more time to do more of what I love. Now, I understand that hope won't get me there. action will. 


Communication is the key, so let's talk. Let's talk about what you want in a home, and no, I'm not just asking how many bedrooms and how many baths. We'll get to those things. I want to know what moves you. Is it a view of the mountains? Space for a chicken coop? Is it a dining space that seats 12? A master suite that makes you feel like you're on vacation?  Once we get to the bottom of what home means to you, I'll take the wheel so you can enjoy the ride.

Buying Move-In-Ready

If you're looking for something move-in-ready, let's talk. First, we'll discuss your needs, next we'll talk about your time frame, and then we'll get you pre-qualified. 

Then, the real fun begins! Based on your criteria, I'll preview all the homes that meet your needs, together we'll sift through them, visit all the best ones until we find the one.


I'll be by your side through the contracts, the inspections, the signing...until I pass you the keys!

Buying a Fixer-Upper

If you're looking for something to customize, you're speaking my language! First, we'll discuss your needs, next we'll talk about your time frame, budget and potential financing available, if you need it.


We'll start by looking for homes below what you could afford if you were to buy move-in-ready. I'll take your needs list, and sift through the fixers until we find one with good bones that can become your dream home. 

My team of partners can help from the design and the construction, or you can use your own resources.

Questions about any of this?  Call me!