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A Boy & His Books

Updated: Mar 10

It all started with his books. Brody loves books. When we moved recently, I knew I wanted to decorate his room first. He has a stronger connection to his bedroom than the rest of us, so I knew his room would be first. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he allows me to decorate. (Van won't give up creative control.)

The jumping-off point for Brody's room design came when we decided to revamp his old bookshelf.

This bookshelf first entered my home when Zander rented a room from me. It was a tall and heavy blonde wood piece of furniture. It was good quality, just a little boring. It stayed in Zander's room until the landlord/tenant relationship morphed into a girlfriend/boyfriend shacking-up-together relationship.

Ten years later, after getting married, having our first boy, and buying another fixer, I sanded this boring bookshelf down and painted it barn red. It fit perfectly in the corner of the little-kitchen-that-could. This kitchen was my first kitchen remodel, where I completely scrapped the existing layout. We gutted the kitchen and dining area and reworked the space to capture the views of the pool and the mountains. I loved this kitchen so much because we poured our hearts and souls into it. Our budget was tiny, but our goals were mighty.

I styled the refreshed bookshelf with cookbooks and kitchen trinkets, but little Brody got the entire bottom shelf to himself. His section contained books, puzzles, and art supplies. He was 18 months and practically lived on that kitchen floor right by the bookshelf. Heck, we were all on that floor a lot. There are even pictures of us to prove it.

We sold that house and moved on a few times over the years, and we dragged the red bookshelf along with us. That young boy on the floor grew, and so did his book collection. It was safe to say the bookshelf officially belonged to him now. It showed it age with chips and nicks, and that barn-red paint was no longer appreciated.

We moved last summer, and well, you know the story... Brody's was about to get a new room.

The bookshelf finally got a new makeover. Goodbye, barn-red, and hello, blond wood! We sanded it down to its natural color and painted the inside dark navy. I can only take credit for the design. Zander and the boys did the real work to revamp the bookshelf.

Fast forward to tonight. I find myself sitting on Brody's bed, filing my nails while Brody reads to me. I love listening to him read. He's read most of his books multiple times, so he's able to perfect his voice and delivery. I love it when she shoots me a look because he knows something good is about to happen.

Tonight we started The Last Kids on Earth series. Even Brody will tell you it's a way better book than the Netflix series, but we enjoy watching it anyway.

Brody's room still isn't complete, but it's coming along. The more he reads to me, the more time I spend in his room. The more time I spend there, the more the design elements seem to come.

I finally figured out what I'm putting above his bed. As old-fashioned as it sounds, I think a corkboard will be perfect. I have to build a big one. Perhaps I'll have Zander create a wood frame. Then, I can add some leather straps for hanging.

I'm planning to print a few maps of his most treasured places, add some pics of his favorite activities (camping and fishing) and friends, and more. I love that this corkboard will grow and change with his interests.

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