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DIY: Fall Door Decor for Under $35

Updated: Mar 10

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I celebrate the yellow, orange and the occasional, deep red leaves. I welcome the cooler nights, light candles smelling like baked goods, and I dust off the crockpot for dinners consisting of hearty soups and stews.

I wanted to show my love for fall this year, but I didn't feel like using the same, old fall wreath, besides it's tucked away in storage anyway. It could be Christmas by the time I make it there, so I decided to make new festive decor for the door.

You could easily make something similar if you're in need of fall decor for your door. I'll lay out what I used below, how many items I purchased and the approximate cost in case you're inspired to create something of your own.

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My inspiration started after coming across a sweet little door with a string of danglings sunflowers that I saw on Pinterest.

I knew I could make something like this. I was in the mood for something fresh and different from the usual wreath. I've also have been wanting to make my own doormat for a while now, so I popped over to Joann Fabrics (my playground) and rummaged through the florals and vines to see what I could find.

I immediately spotted these big, mum-like flower heads. Lucky for me, they were 50% off. I snatched up a creamy yellow, vibrant orange, and deep purple. The long vines were too predictable only consisting of fall leaves and bright orange berries. I purchased 7 of these flowers that clip on for $1.99 each (regularly priced $3.99).

Clip-on Mums

Next, I wanted a vine, of sorts. Looking through Joann's supply, I only spotted leaves, ivy and orange berries. That wasn't what I was envisioning, but I found some mini-wreaths that had cute berries, small acorns, and burlap leaves. That would do nicely, but I'd have to cut the rings to make them vines. No Problem. I purchased 5 mini-wreaths at $3.99 each (regularly priced at $7.99).

The finished product!

That was all I needed to complete my door decor, but I also wanted to stencil on a straw-colored welcome mat. Luckily, in the stencil section, I found a welcome mat on sale for $7.79 (regularly priced at $12.99). I grabbed some black stencil paint that was suitable for outdoor at $7.99. I knew I would have to either write freehand or create a stencil. I've seen those cute mats on Etsy that say, "Hello, Pumpkin," and I wanted one. I opted for "Hey there, Pumpkin," but either one was cute!

I used Word and printed on photo paper to create my stencil because I have a lot of photo paper that rarely gets used. I figured it would hold up to paint a little better than printer paper. I measure and placed the stencil carefully and used blue painters tape to hold it down. I used a firm brush to dap the paint into the firm straw of the mat.

I still would like to add real pumpkins and possibly a tall candle lantern to the door to complete the look, but I'm pleased with how the door is coming along. The colors make me smile, and I hope passers-by find a little joy if they catch a glimpse.

If you are inspired to make your own wreath, spray or door decor of another kind, I'd love to see what you do! Share it with me, please.

Happy Fall!

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