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House of Oils: Finding the Dream Home

Updated: Jan 19

How stinky carpets, odd wall cut-outs, and a fireplace in the middle of the master bedroom become a family's dream home.

Photo by Whimsee Photography

Let me start at the beginning...

They were in search of their forever home - a sanctuary that would allow them not only peace and rejuvenation but also a space where they could continue to grow. This family of five is active. They're successful entrepreneurs who pour their heart and soul into their doTERRA Essential Oil business, and they play equally as hard. This beautiful family asked for a one-story home near the mountains with room for the kids and dogs to run.

It wasn't an easy road finding their home, but they found it! And to be honest, it isn't wasn't at all what they expected when they set out on this journey to find a new home. Hence, the stinky carpet. (See below, and thankfully you can't smell a blog post.)

Photos by Denise Bulter Photography

I'm excited to be sharing their transformation of what I'm calling the House of Oils. Why? Because their commitment to essential oils bought and will rehabilitate this house. Health and wellness are at the top of mind when re-imaging this space.

Let's take a step back...

My clients knew what they wanted in a home, which made my job a little easier than usual. They were as on-top of looking at every new listing and tracking the price reductions as I was. (No wonder they're successful. They're decisive and do their homework.)

At the time they were looking, the market was very competitive. They got excited about a few move-in ready homes, and unfortunately, those sellers accepted other offers. It was a disappointment, but we quickly adjusted the strategy to put them in a position of power as a buyer.

Photo by Whimsee Photography

You'd think the magic would happen at this point, and alas, the dream home would appear. But it didn't. They hit a point that I believe all buyers hit during the home buying process. It's the "we're never going to find it" moment. We started to look at fixers. After all, they were already in a temporary rental, so the disruption to their already busy life would no longer be a disruption. Still...nothing seemed right for them.

One morning, the clouds parted, and the sun shone down on a glorious fixer parked next to a mountain with a spacious and lush backyard. We'd seen it before, but it went into escrow early before fixers were an option. We looked at the home within hours of it going back on the market.

Sure, it was a little stinky and undeniable that this house was a child of the 1980s. I would know! I loved the 1980s, but the architecture needed some love. My clients saw past the old, the oddities of the '80s, and they knew a little of doTerra's Purify in the diffuser would help with the smell.

Photo by Denise Butler Photography

Please follow along to watch this adventure of tearing down the old and creating anew. There will be plenty of before and after pics and videos.

One last thing...

For me, a real estate transaction is, well...boring. (Did I say that out loud?) It's the connection to the homes and the clients and getting to know them on a deeply personal level. It's about forging friendships that will last a lifetime that excites me. This journey has allowed for that, and I am grateful.

I thank them for trusting me to help them sell their home, buy a fixer, and assist with the design and decor for this little diamond-in-the-rough that will soon be the sanctuary they deserve.

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