• Christina Rice

How I'll Sell Your Home

I never just post a few pictures online, hold an open house, and call it a day.  

I dive deep into your home and showcase its best features by shooting creative and informative videos. It's as if your home has its own show! 

What might I do? I'm not certain, since I haven't seen your house yet, but how about an interactive video of me cooking in your amazing kitchen? What about having a designer talk about all the one-of-a-kind features in your home?  How about a gourmet picnic in your breathtaking backyard? 

This gives buyers a behind-the-scenes look inside your home through the creative use of photos, videos, and blogs allowing the buyer the ability to envision themselves living in the home. 

I also understand that buyers look at more than just the house. They look at immediate neighborhood and the community for what it has to offer.

Don't worry, I've got you covered there too!

We know that buyers don't just live inside your four walls. They're active members of the community taking classes at the gym, dining with friends in the best restaurants and out hiking the best trails. I dive into those local hotspots.

I post the photos and videos across social media channels and my website for maximum exposure. Like I said before, I want to make sure the buyers get a feeling of what it's like to live in your home the first time they see it.

Let's give them an experience, shall we?

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