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If Move-In Ready Is Your Jam, Let's Find It!

Let's face it, moving is hard. Rewarding, when it's complete, but sorting through each and every possession, throwing away some, donating others and packing the rest, is a time-consuing, dirty job. Wanting a home that's ready so you can unpack the boxes and start living life is appealing.

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When you first start looking for your home, I know you can easily enter the search criteria and price range on your own. But I want to dig deeper. I want to know what you really want in a home. What does home mean to you?

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Do you long for a backyard that melts your stress away every time you walk out the back door? Does the dining room need to accomodate 12 because your family dinners are sacred? Do you want to escape to a master bedroom that feels like a vacation after a long day balancing work and homeschool? It's those desires that make a house a home. Anyone can buy a house. I want you to have a home.

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Move-in ready homes, when priced right, can move quickly, especially in today's market. For the last few years, inventory has been low. A low inventory forces you to compete with other buyers for the same home.

You can set yourself apart from the rest of the buyers by being prepared with pre-approval letters and liquid funds to be used for an earnest money deposit. Getting that pre-approval is important not only because I'll need to submit it with your offer, but also because it dictates your price range. It can be heartbreaking to find that out after your offer is accepted that you can't qualify for the loan because you've offered $10,000 over what you can afford. Canceling an escrow is never fun, especially when you've already envisioned yourelf in the home. Find out your top-end budget and stay within your means.

It's best to see the home as soon as possible after going on the market. If the home is priced right, it will move quickly. Do I love that homes go under contract so quickly? Well, if I'm selling a client's home. Yes. Yes, I do. But for my buyers, I honestly wish we could look a several homes together over a week or two, and put in the offer after sleeping on it. Maybe some day the market will return to a slower pace that will allow that, but today's market moves.

When we work together, we'll discuss other ways to make your offer as strong as possible so it stands out from other offers. I always talk to the other agents before and after submitting an offer. It's so important to let the other agent know up front, I'm a team player, organized and have a solid buyer. Together we'll come up with ways to help you stand out.

Most importantly, we need to communicate and have fun during this process. The more I know about you, the better I can guide you through the close of escrow. And, yes. I said fun. The paperwork may be a big pain the the @#$, but we will laugh. Oh, yes. It's unavoidable throughout this procress, especially when we're going through houses.

Oh, and one last thing. During the process, there's always a time when you think, I'm not going to find the one. It's not out there. I'll never find a home. It happens to everyone, and then...it appears. Home ssweet home.

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