• Christina Rice

My Flowers From Angela's

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

I have to admit, I become used to grabbing flowers for my house from the grocery store when I'd visit to buy groceries or run in for an item to complete a recipe. When I stopped shopping in person and switched to Costco Delivery Service, I notices my house wasn't as cheery. I wasn't buying the flowers to make bouquets.

I missed flowers so I popped into Angela's and ordered a bouquet. I explained to Kristen what I wanted, and she gave me so many options. I gave her the freedom to pick for me, and since I wanted to arrange them, she could just throw them together in plastic. Well, Kristen put together an amazing mix of colorful flowers! You can see them in the photo above.

Kristen told me the owner of Angela's took great pride in ordering top quality flowers. I had grown so used to grocery store flowers that seem to wilt so quickly. I was thrilled when my flowers from Angela's stayed beautiful for weeks.

I did get to arrange these beauties, and I was thrilled to get three different arrangements to place around the house. Below if one arrangement I made from Kristen's beautiful bouquet.

I'm sold. I will be hitting up Angela's for all occasions when I need flowers and sometimes just when I want them!

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