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The House of Oils: Finding the Dream

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

This is a story of how stinky carpets, odd wall cut-outs, and a monstrosity-of-a-fireplace in the middle of a master suite becomes a family's dream home.

Let me start at the beginning...

They were in search of their forever home - a sanctuary that would allow them not only peace and rejuvenation but also a space where they could continue to grow. This family of five is active. Jenna and Damian Fante are successful entrepreneurs who pour their heart and soul into their doTERRA Essential Oil business, and they play equally as hard. Health is a top priority, and well, so is a mountain. You'll soon understand. (Spoiler Alert: It's making an appearance below.)

It wasn't an easy road finding this home. I mean, they told me they wanted a mostly, move-in ready home. So needless to day, this home wasn't at all what they were expecting when we set out on this trail to discover their new home.

I'm excited to be sharing their transformation of what I'm calling the House of Oils. Really. Wait until you see Jenna and Damian's essential oil collection that will be displayed in the kitchen! If I weren't so excited, I'd be jealous! Together, Jenna, Damian, and I laid out this kitchen, and the jumping off point was their doTERRA oil cabinet. It felt right to make it a functional focal point because oils are the foundation of their health. Oils are used in this kitchen daily, and because their commitment and success in business, essential oils bought and will rehabilitate this house.

The kitchen will be completely gutted. You'll see it naked in the next blog post, but for now, back to the adventure of purchasing the home with the stinky carpet.

Jenna and Damian knew what they wanted in a home, which made my job as their agent a little easier than usual. They were as on-top of looking at every new listing and tracking the price reductions as I was. (No wonder they're successful. They're decisive, and they do their homework.)

We were looking for a homes in early 2020, and the market was heating up. We saw some beautiful homes together. Homes with expansive yards and gorgeous views. Well-decorated homes with big windows, sparkling pools and plenty of space to grow. When the Fante's didn't wind up with one of those, it was a disappointment. Emotions hit the high-highs and those pesky-lows during a competitive and tumultuous real estate market. This is true for most buyers, and sometimes it takes a few days to assess the situation, learn from it and get back on the horse. So, we set back out. Wiser.

So, any day now, dream home! Appear, would ya? We were even mailing specific neighborhoods asking for a sale. But it didn't appear. Not yet.

One morning, I text Damian a fixer we'd all seen before but were never motivated to actually get look in person. He texted back that he'd also just looked at this home when he was at the gym. That was enough, because we got in the home within hours of it going back on the market.

Sure, it was undeniable. This house was a child of the 1980s. I would know! The 1980 were the best years of my childhood, but architecture in that period...not the best. But, the clouds parted, and the sun shone down, and this glorious fixer, parked next to a mountain with a spacious and lush backyard, spoke to them. This was the one.

Well, it's no where near move-in-ready. My clients, who didn't want construction, are now going to be knee-deep in it, and they're sticking with me. You'd think they'd be pissed! I'm lucky to continue this project with them. I not only got to help them with this real estate transaction, but they're trusting me to guide them through the whole-house remodel. I'm so excited for them.

I hope you can join us along this adventure of tearing down the old and creating anew. There will be plenty of before and after pics and videos.

Oh, and one last thing...

For me, a real estate transaction is just the beginning. It really starts when I see my clients' connection to a home come to life. I know they'll lead a life well-lived in that home.

Thank you to Jenna, Damian and each little Fante for trusting me to help you sell your home, acquire this fabulous fixer, and guide you though the re-design of this diamond-in-the-rough that will soon be the sanctuary you deserve. For you, I am grateful.

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