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What Does Home Mean to You?

Updated: Mar 10

Home means different things to different people. If you ask my husband, he will tell you a home is a place to hold his stuff. Yes, I did marry this man anyway, but believe me, I am the first to tell him that he's dead wrong about this.

Home is so much more.

For me, home is a place where all of us feel safe. And not just safe, in a traditional sense, but safe to be ourselves. Safe to communicate. Safe to create and try new things. Yes, these attributes should transcend the four walls of my home, but it starts there.

Interior Design and Photo credit ay Heather Bullard.

Home is also a place to feel loved. I want everyone who either lives in my home or visits my home to feel cared for. For my children, this is reflected in their rooms. I take pride in creating a space that reflects their personality, celebrates their interests, and allows them to be creative. And, I can't forget the snuggles. Mine are still little enough so I must get every snuggle I can before it's no longer cool. This translates into a cozy space with comfortable pillow and their fabric blankets with the perfect little, glow from a night light.

Art available on Easy by PrettyInPolkaDotsky

For my husband, who doesn't care about decor, I still keep him in mind when decorating. I have artwork that speaks to him and inspires him. He also loves comfort, so any throw pillow that is just for looks is out of the questions. I want a pillow he can fall asleep on while reading or watching golf on Sunday.

Photo from Instagram @interior_spiration

When friends come over I want to greet them with a relaxed, clean and comfortable environment, but this also means I’m prepared to offer them a cocktail or a homemade cookie. I hope my home allows them to let go of any of life's stresses, and they can escape and explore something new. When it’s time they go on their way, I want us to say our goodbyes with that feeling that we wish it didn’t have to end. 

Photo by Luke Taylor Photography

I believe your home should reflect your personality. Your home can and should tell your story. Your home can reveal you passions. Show your sense of humor or playfulness. It can make a statement! It's up to you.

This takes decorating your home from a superficial level, just looking a certain way, to something personal. Something meaningful. You'd be surprised what your home can give back to you if it is in alignment with who you are.

This is my take on home, but I don't push my definition of home on you. That goes against my belief that each of us has our own, unique definition of home.

As a real estate agent, I celebrate your definition of home.

If you don't know what it is, I help you discover it, and then we set out to find it. This is part of the magic Part of the journey.

This is why I love working with buyers. We start like any client and real estate agent with a list consisting of bedroom and bathroom count, style of kitchen, big or small yard... So, we start as agent and client, but we go on as friends. The time we spend together uncovering what you really want from your home, besides and open concept with a view, is such a bonding and rewarding experience. We really get to know each other. We learn from each other, and it's rewarding. I feel so lucky to be on this journey with my buyers.

If you're currently browsing homes for sale in Thousand Oaks, and you're ready to turn your house hunting into a journey to find your home, I'm ready too. Call or email me today! Let's talk over coffee.

Home is where your story begins.

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