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Wild About Wildwood

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

We took on Wildwood today, and I didn't realize how much I needed it until I got there. Balancing summer activities with the boys and not missing a beat at work is challenging at times. But, when I stepped onto Moonridge Trail and took a deep breath, any stress melted away.

The boys found a snakeskin blowing in the wind, and I got to run up the stairs in the canyon that I love so much. There's something special about those perfectly-placed railroad ties smack-dab in the middle of nature that makes me smile. It's architecture in the raw, and it reminds me of how we, as homeowners, love to blur the lines of where the indoor ends at outdoor begins.

Before I move on, did I mention the snakeskin is now sitting on my dining room table? Eeeew!

We were planning to hike to Paradise Falls, but we explored far too long in the creek near the Meadows Picnic area. We found a crayfish that seemed to have a claw stuck between to pieces of wood in a small waterfall with a strong current. We set it free and stayed around to make sure it got along all right. It was a little slow, so I'm not confident it'll make it.

The boys opted to hit the Indian Cave, so we climbed up and through to take Indian Creek Trail all the way back to the car. We heard a few rattles along the way, but we weren't lucky enough to see a rattlesnake on this trip. We do hope to see one on every hike as long as we see it from a distance.

While the kids ran ahead, I talked with Zander about what life would be like living in Wildwood. After all, our family loves to get out in nature and hike. While it's excellent exercise for all of us, we love it for the pure adventure. We never know what wildlife we'll encounter or who we'll meet out there.

I love the residential streets along Wildwood Park that have the breathtaking, canyon views. I could get used to that!

Overall, the Wildwood neighborhood is family friendly with many circles and cul-de-sacs for family bike rides.

The homes that are active on the market at the time of this post are lovely. There is a starter home on Storm Cloud Street listed at $635,000. This home is a newly remodeled four bed / two bath home at just over 1,300 square feet.

A similar starter home on Silver Cloud is listed at $669,500. These are both priced well to get into Wildwood and start taking advantage of the open space, the school, and the Wildflower Playfield. Also, both of these homes are priced below Ventura County's FHA loan limit, which means you can get into one of these home with as little as 3.5% down.

One of my favorite listings in the neighborhood right now is on Velarde listed at $769,000. This four bedroom / three bath home has vaulted ceilings and big windows bringing in a lot of natural light. I did tour this home, and I will have a separate blog post with video here when it's complete. I love the potential of this home, and the price is great for the space. It's vacant, so we can tour it anytime.

Another must-see sits on Glencliff Circle, and it' spectacular inside and out. You can move right into this 2,043 square foot home that sits on a lot over 12,000 square feet. It's listed at $899,000. The trees on the lot are so mature. The backyard feels like a retreat. Let's see this one too.

There's a five-bedroom home on Wildcreek Circle listed at $839,850. Lastly, a light-and-bright home on Granvia Place, with an oasis of a backyard, comes to you at $919,000. The salt-water pool is just part of what sits on this 10,000 square foot lot. The home is a four-bedroom / three bath home with approximately 2,342 square feet of interior space.

Life in Wildwood is good. The neighborhoods are friendly, and the wildlife awaits you. It's pretty magical here. I get flooded with different emotions when I'm here. I feel a strong sense of tranquility. The open space is humbling. I also feel the pride of ownership and strong family values in the neighborhoods. These are feelings you can't experience with pictures.

Let me show you around!

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