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Christina Rice became a licensed agent in California in 2006 and holds a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). 

She's closed hundreds of residential transactions from Santa Monica to Monterey and Los Angeles to Ventura. She's managed large construction projects and helped stabilize troubled assets. She even worked at a real estate auction house.

Christina's flipped many single-family homes to give them a new life, managed properties, and tenants, and helped others remodel and decorate their homes.

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We believe that home is where your story begins.

Home makes you feel safe, inspires you, and allows you to express yourself. Home is where your family and friends come to gather. Home is where your grand plans are laid and beautiful memories are made. Home allows you to rest and restore to begin the adventure another day. 

It's rare when a home purchased gives its owner all of these comforts. It requires thoughtful preparation and a little work to take a house and turn it into a home. At Lemonade Homes, we aim to give you the home you've always imagined. 



Our vision is to deliver a home to our clients that enhances their life all while laughing, loving and enjoying the process. 

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