Watching my clients create a home that gives them comfort, security and inspiration to live life to its fullest, is what fuels me. 

Whether that home is their first purchase, whether they're downsizing to travel more or somewhere in between, we work together to find the perfect space. 

When I'm selling a client's home, I throw myself into it as if it were my own. I want every buyer who walks through that door to understand what it's like to live their life in your home and community. 

My passion and enthusiasm for my clients, their homes and their adventures, is what makes me successful. I could never do it without them.  


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you sell homes in my area?

If you live in California, the answer is yes. For years, I've analyzed different markets. Even though, I'm drawn to the creative side of real estate, I never underestimate the need to crunch the numbers. I dive into the sales statistics, local economics, the current state of lending and home trends. 

2.  How do you find local businesses and people to cover for your website?

The places I feature are all place that I frequent, places that are recommended directly from my sellers or places that are showing strong promise in local publications and websites. The same is true for the good people I encounter in the community. I don't accept compensation from the places or people that I review.

3.  Do you sell all types of homes?

Oh goodness, yes. I have a soft spot for a fixer-upper because my real estate career started by flipping houses. I enjoy spotting the potential and relaying that to buyers who may not see it. While I love the potential, who doesn't love a move-in-ready home?  I revel in the architecture and fully appreciate good design and decor.  

4.  In addition to sellers, do you also work with buyers?

Of course! Bring on the challenge. Let's find you "the one" or find  a fixer that can become "the one".  


I've been a licensed agent in California since 2006, and I'm a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). 


I've closed hundreds of residential transactions from Santa Monica to Monterey and from Los Angeles to Thousand Oaks. I've managed large construction projects and helped stabilized troubled assets. I've even worked at a real estate auction house.


I've flipped many single-family homes to give them a new life, managed properties, and tenants and helped others remodel and decorate their homes. ​


I've loved it all, but I'm especially excited about Lemonade Homes.