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House of Oils: Four Bath for this Party of Five

It's true. Ewe! There was carpet in the powder room, and it was time to say adios to that along with well, EVERYTHING in all four of the Fante's bathrooms.

I like to think of myself as a restorationist when it comes to homes and furniture. If I see even a glimmer of hope it can be revived, I'll fight to save it. But the four bathrooms in this home had to step up! Three energetic kiddos need a clean and durable space to brush those teeth and scrub dirty knees, and mommy and daddy deserve a retreat.

Before we dive into the bathroom design, I apologize that my construction updates have been trickling out. The architect has drawn the plans for the house, and they've been submitted to the County for review. With COVID, everything is running a little slower than usual and construction is no exception. However, while we wait for permits, the cabinet maker has the final design for the kitchen, and Jenna and I have been busy selecting bath vanities, tile, fixtures, lighting, and more.

Below Jenna caught me in a mask in the tile store. I just put a drop of peppermint in my mouth to freshen up my breath, but when I put on the silly mask, all the peppermint blew into my eyes making them water. Or, was crying over all the gorgeous tile selections? It's up for debate.

Since each of the four bathrooms are getting a full remodel we needed to take a deep dive into how each bathroom was going to be utilized, the feeling they wanted to get from each bathroom, and select design elements that will stand the test of time.

Let's start in the powder room.

Thankfully, the carpet is gone, but that wallpaper with shimmering flower petals remain along with the pedestal sink. The before...

This powder room will serve the guests from the main living area of the home. A hardwood-like waterproof floor, in a modern light finish, will be going down from wall-to-wall throughout the house. It's indestructible with little to no off-gassing inside the home, and it will be in the bathrooms too.

The actual size of this half-bath is spacious. We're keeping it simple in here by removing the pedestal sink and adding a new vanity. This 80s wallpaper will go, but wallpaper will be making an appearance here again. An arched mirror is my favorite feature of the room, along with two wall sconces for accent lighting to add even more character.

Here is an image of the fabulous mirror that will find its new home in this powder room.

The Jack and Jill bathroom will be shared by the two littlest family members, ages 4 and 7. Jenna and I wanted this bathroom to be tasteful, but still a little playful for the kids. We're adding some subtle color to this space with a deep, midnight blue bath vanity, aqua penny rounds and a colorful trim. The field tile for the shower walls is an oversized, chevron tile. We felt this was a kid-friendly design that could grow with the the kids without looking too juvenile. Below is a quick mood board we threw together of this happy yet sophisticated space.

The Fante's oldest son is lucky enough to have his bathroom attached to his room. His bathroom doesn't have a window, so we decided on a large, white floor-to-ceiling tile in his shower to brighten the space. The shower floor is a dark gray mosaic with a light wood vanity. His countertop is still up for debate. When we took him along to the stone yard, he picked the wildest colors and patterns, but ultimately, mom gets the final decision. His love of dragons will help us add color to the room thought artwork.

We selected this handmade, long subway tile below will keep the bathroom light and bright.

Now, let's retreat to the master bath, shall we? The original bathroom had been partially remodeled in this home, but it was never finished. The existing layout was perfect. It just needed a little love.


Goodbye, purple. Hello, tall ceilings and a fresh plan.

The bathroom was gutted to fit a walk-in shower, a stand-alone tub and a beautiful custom vanity. The ceilings are vaulted, giving it an airy feeling. Jenna wanted simplicity and clean lines in here, but she didn't want it to be boring. We've picked a pattern tile to cover one wall while balancing it out with a white hexagon on the other. All black fixtures, including wall faucets, will be used, and a modern chandelier will hoover over the tub.

Right now, the master bath looks like this, but doesn't it look bigger? Exciting.

The main objective in the master bath is rejuvenation, health and wellness. After a long day of educating clients about essential oils, working out, and playing equally as hard with the kids, this bath needs to become a respite and wash away any of life's stresses. Although their master bedroom will open up to the backyard, luckily the master bath will also have direct access to the outdoors. Jenna has wonderful plans to install an infrared sauna right outside the door.

Here's a little inspiration for the master bath. We are also using a pattern and a white hexagon tile.

This vanity was used as a model for Jenna and Damian's cabinet maker. It will also have a natural wood finish.

I can't wait to see these bathrooms come to life.

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